WNC and Giant Silicon Technology are having technical intera

2019-05-06 14:53:02

On September 9, 2018, Wellness Chain CEO Dennis Na and China Operations Director Ms. Xing Xiuwei were invited to participate in Guangzhou Giant Silicon Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Giant Silicon Technology") Technical

Milestone: WNC and KTSH landing application docking, reached

2019-05-06 14:50:15

On August 29, 2018, Dennis Na, CEO of Wellness Chain, accompanied by COO Mr.

WNC, Di Blockchain Club and Shell Capital reached a strategi

2019-05-06 14:47:41

Today, WNC CEO and founder Dennis Na and Di Blockchain Club founder

WNC will cooperate strategically with WBO Fund and WBO SIC t

2019-05-06 14:46:00

On August 23, 2018, WNC co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Calvin Na and WNC Blockchain International Consultant

WNC:A star in the “Chain War”

2019-05-06 14:43:03

On August 13, 2018, the 4th International Overseas Chinese Trade Fair was grand opening at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 1. This fair was sponsored by Shenzhen Institute of Science and Technology. “The block leads the fut

WNC: The trend of the Royal Dragon, the land of Qilu, the fu

2019-05-06 14:41:11

Xu Beihong said: The road is in the new day, and the art is also in the new day; the new one is also alive and not yet dead.


2019-05-06 14:40:05

As a revolutionary technological innovation, blockchain has a subversive significance for the times, and the application of the blockchain technology has implemented everywhere

WELLNESS CHAIN Congratulations on the move of the new office

2019-05-06 14:37:44

Congratulations on the joy of the Wellness Chain! On July 21, 2018, Wellness Chain (WNC) has relocation due to company expansion and officially moved to the new office - Northwest Airlines, Northwestern Polytechnic University, No. 45, Gaoxin

WNC received Lonan and Cloud Valley Foundation Strategic Inv

2019-05-06 14:35:43

On July 15th, 2018, Lonan Jing Hong annual meeting and brand launching ceremony was held at Marriott Hotel in Zhongzhou, Shenzhen. The theme was 【Long Xing Yun Zhen, Shi Yu Jing Hong】. LONAN and CLOUD VALLEY FOUNDATION LTD were organize

《Dying to Survive》The medical status behind the film

2019-05-06 14:34:19

Recently, Chinese comedy drama, 《Dying to Survive》topped the Chinese box office to be the second largest film across the world this weekend

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