WNC and China Merchants Motors have formed a strategic coope

Today, founder of China Merchants Motors and China Merchants Ambassador Li Haoming visited Wellness Chain (WNC) and had an in-depth exchange with the founding team. He highly recognized the WNC project and will be cooperated with WNC in the next step. They will cooperate with each other and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through this strategic cooperation. They will carry out long-term, extensive and in-depth cooperation in various fields in the strategic partnerships to achieve mutual resources sharing and advantages sharing to promote the development of both projects together.
China Merchants Motors is a brand created by Baiyehui Education Technology Co., Ltd., which is composed of many brands, investment experts, model experts, financial experts, brand experts, marketing experts and Feng Shui experts. It aims to combine traditional industry business transformation, internet transformation and upgrading blockchain. At the same time solve the key problems of the project platform. As the first international hybrid blockchain platform for healthcare industry, WNC will get the assistant and supporting from China Merchants Motors to help promote the WNC blockchain industry, build a blockchain medical healthcare system, and reform the traditional medical healthcare system. reshaping the healthcare ecological chain and bring health to everyone!
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