WNC: Attended the 2nd International Traditional Natural Medi

On November 24th, 2018, the 2nd " International Traditional Natural Medicine Physician Conference " and 2018 "One-Belt–One-Road Silk Road Wellness International Conference" was grandly opened at the Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching Sarawak, East Malaysia (Boneo Convention Center Kuching), The conference invited more than 20 medical experts from more than ten countries as the guests to give a speech at the conference to share the results of their researches and medical practices.

Wellness Chain (WNC) was invited to participate in the conference. Calvin Na, the Chief Marketing Officer of WNC, was fortunate to participate in this conference, communicate with the guests on the conference and to explain the product features and share the "True Health, True Wealth" value concept, promotes public welfare, realizes the benefits of wealth creation, and helps the development of Chinese medicine.

The conference is organized by the American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine Advisor Dato Seri Professor Dr Tan Kit Weng, Federation Of Chinese Medicine and Physicians Sarawak and the Sarawak Tourism Ministry. The theme is “Natural Tradition, Multiple Unity, and Collaboration for a Win-Win”. It will become the highest level, most authoritative, professional, developmental and influential academic event of traditional medicine in the world.

It is well known thatChinese medicine given treatment by individually, and dialectical treatment, but it also causes the explanatory power of Chinese medicine is not as strong as that of Western medicine. Moreover, the yin and yang of the Chinese medicine practitioners make people feel that so mysterious, the Chinese herbal medicine in the prescription cannot identify the specific molecular pharmacological mechanism and toxic side effect. Even if Hua Tuo (a legendary surgeon at the end of the Han Dynasty)'s reincarnation can rejuvenate giving treatment, in the context of today's natural science education, there is no scientific logical thinking, and it is difficult to show its talents. This has always been the pain point of Chinese medicine.

Getting rid of the dilemma of Chinese medicine and solving the pain points of traditional Chinese medicine is an inheritance and development of traditional medicine. It is also an attempt to combine Chinese medicine and technology. WNC originated the “Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically)” and provided strong support for the development of Chinese medicine for “Chinese medicine + Big data” and “Chinese medicine + Artificial Intelligence”.

In order to expand the concept of Chinese medicine internationally, WNC showed the Chinese medicine pulse machine (Pulse Diagnostically) in Malaysia for the first time. During the period, Calvin Na, the Chief Marketing Officer of WNC, actively provides free health testing for the guests, and demonstrated the technical characteristics of the products on site. Many on-site guests visited the booth and relevant experts give high recognition on it.


As a designated blockchain medical project in Malaysia, WNC has created three ecological closed loops of “Data Collection – Data Analysis – Data Application” to complete the ecological construction of the entire platform.

In order to improve the efficiency of data collection, the WNC platform adopts the POV authentication mode mechanism to reward the uploading data and creates a data kingdom. WNC uses artificial intelligence technology to deeply study massive data. Artificial intelligence relies on accumulated data to form algorithms that generates countless applications and improves service performance across the platform.

While creating Medical Hyperledger Sawtooth for the platform users, WNC also provides personalized smart health services, such as early screening of diseases, prevention and helps doctors make accurate clinical decisions, and a range of services provided during the treatment process, rational use of drugs, surgical precision and accuracy of targeted therapy for severe and incurable diseases.

In the later period, WNC implement all the medical links that were fragmented and broken. Through the AI consultation, online registration, online consultation, offline AI auxiliary diagnosis and examination, payment, treatment, AI follow-up, etc., through accurate medical information to connect doctors and patients, promotes the development of intelligent medical.




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