WNC Sanmenxia Railway Station Roadshow was successfully laun

On November 23, 2018, Wellness Chain (WNC) officially launching the national roadshow of Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically) at Sanmenxia Railway Station ,Henan Province. Mr. Tivon Tian Deputy Director of WNC Marketing, shared the meaning of  “True Health, True Wealth” to all participants and the content is distributed around responding to national policies, follow up closely on marketing environment, promoting public welfare and achieving wealth creation.


On the roadshow, Mr. Tivon Tian conducted free physical health testing for the participants and checked the test income. WNC free to share health to get wealth, At the same time, the “true health, true wealth” model of the traditional real economy has been enthusiastically supported by the participants! The roadshow was successfully ended.




It is understood that the medical field has typical big data characteristics: - is a huge amount of data. For example, in the 4th hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in 2012, the number of outpatients reached 6.98 million, and the number of outpatients in Guang'anmen Hospital alone exceeded 10,000. There are nearly 60,000 inpatients every year.


However, the number of famous Chinese medicine practitioners in the country is extremely small, and the geographical distribution is relatively concentrated. The number of patients who are treated daily by a famous Chinese medicine practitioner is limited and the coverage is small. The recognition of famous Chinese medicine practitioners is much higher than that of ordinary Chinese medicine practitioners. The gap between old Chinese medicine practitioners and ordinary Chinese medicine practitioners is mainly in the use of syndrome differentiation and prescription.


If the medical treatment process of these patients is been fully digitized, the medical data generated by each visit will be 10M, then the amount of data generated each year will be as high as 70TB. If the clinical data of the national hospitals are gathered together, the scale is large.



Therefore, WNC originated the “Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine” platform to authorize traditional Chinese medicine to create a pulse device, to create a two-dimensional integration of “Chinese medicine • big data” and “Chinese medicine • artificial intelligence”, and to introduce the theoretical system of Chinese medicine yin and yang and five elements to integrate with the intensive data of Western medicine. The innovative mathematical model provides real-time decision support, assists doctors in predicting and judging the condition, and helps patients achieve early diagnosis and early treatment. It promotes in-depth research and clinical application of Chinese medicine big data, and innovates to serve the health of the people.


WNC rewards the data uploader to open the channel for the economic benefits of the owner; on the other hand, through the data cloud, WNC will generate EHR for users, real-time monitoring for their health and also provide for doctors' diagnosis and treatment. This all will provided more accurate health data to improve the quality of medical services.


As we all know, there are many health data, not only the information contained in the medical records, but also the biological information of biochemical examination, multiple imaging or pathological biopsy. The data stored on the platform is certainly good. If there is no in-depth analysis of the data, to explore its potential value and make it sublimate, it is undoubtedly to waste all extremely important information for healthcare.


In order to deliver unexpectedly valuable health data, WNC collects these large, multi-category data and mobilizes it to provide a more comprehensive health service. For example, smart healthcare, personalized medical beauty, human chemotherapy services, transparent medical insurance services, international medical tourism and other health services have entered a new field for the development of smart medical industry and further strengthening the integration of Chinese medicine and technology.


Make health data valuable, let our health become guaranteed, that's what WNC been doing now. In the future, WNC will definitely create a unique international smart medical service platform for people. While providing high-quality medical resources, it will provide smart recommendation health services, and take the “Wellness For All” dream to open up the road to health, and leading people moving forward to health care.



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