WNC: Tianjin Roadshow was successfully launched in Tianjin,

On November 18th, 2018, the national roadshow (Tianjin Station) of the Wellness Chain (WNC) "Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically)" officially launching in the Tianjin National Defense Education Foundation Preparatory Committee. The roadshow is focused on “promoting health awareness, encouraging prevention, sharing free health, and implementing charity for wealth”. During the conference, Mr. Yang Rui, Director of WNC Marketing, shared the meaning of “True Wealth” whereas Mr. Tivon Tian Deputy Director of WNC Marketing, shared the meaning of “True Health”, and provided free health testing for all participants. The new retail model of "share for free to get wealth" was unanimously recognized by all the guests and the roadshow was successfully ended.






True Wealth: Data gathers wealth


WNC originated the “Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically)”, combined with big data and artificial technology, established an analytical model to achieve intelligent assessment of human health status, and at the same time integrated WNC's originating certification model mechanism into the Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine. The owner can collect data by freely performing health check on the user, and then upload the collected data to the WNC platform to obtain the pass certificate, thereby achieving “simple mining and data creation”. In order to let the guests to know the health check procedure, Mr. Yang Rui showed them on the spot, the various procedures details and answered questions from all the guests.







Real Health: Value for sharing health


From "concentrate on diseases" to " concentrate on health” is an important part of the "Healthy China 2030" Outline. WNC builds an innovative “Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically)” to create a smart platform for obtaining diseases prevention and control data and providing patients with health management. This new idea of “moving health barriers forward” is the first in the country to be “combination of medical defense” as to explore the new modes. At the scene, Mr. Tivon Tian helps the guests to do free health test and explained the details of the project. Through the electronic diagnosis and treatment of pulse equipment by Chinese medicine, combined with the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacology of Chinese medicine, qi and blood circulation, the detection and generation of electronic health report, people can scientifically regulate their own body through the report data.




WNC as an international hybrid blockchain platform for medical industry, is also a designated star project in Malaysia. Being waiting for the coming soon of Blockchain 3.0, WNC seized the opportunity to use blockchain technology to build the underlying architecture of the platform, combining the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Hyperledger Sawtooth, reshaping the ecosystem, promoting healthcare and benefit to people as the core. Big data is deeply integrated with the economy and society, therefore build up smart medical platform and make contributions to the human community.



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