WNC: Looking forward to cooperation and development, buildin

On November 15, 2018, the Chief Operating Officer of Wellness Chain ("WNC"), Lawrence Changmh and WNC Operations Manager, Scarlett Ng meet with Dr. Hatta Ramli, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development Malaysia to conduct in-depth exchanges and report on the recent progress of WNC platform in order to implement the project in Malaysia. At the same time, WNC hopes to carry out in-depth cooperation with the Malaysia Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and the Ministry of Health to promote the development of smart healthcare in Malaysia and create a win-win situation.


During the meeting, Dr. Hatta Ramli, Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development of Malaysia, is highly appreciative of the WNC project and gave high hopes for the WNC project in Malaysia which actively promote the development of local medical intelligence. He is willing to embrace the blockchain in an inclusive manner, to jointly explore the value of blockchain technology that will truly benefits to the country.




At the same time, WNC is the designated partner star project in Malaysia and also a pioneer in the international blockchain medical project. Recently, WNC has thoroughly implemented the development strategy of “market internationalization” and has carried out multi-level and multi-field cooperation in the international market with global partners, continuously improving WNC's international status and international reputation. In this respect, WNC hopes to reach cooperation with the Malaysian Entrepreneur Development Department to implement the WNC project in Malaysia and to explore a new innovative way.



As one of the high-end projects in the field of precision medical treatment in Malaysia, WNC also carries the important strategic mission of WNC to the Malaysian healthcare blockchain. WNC is committed to driving the transformation and innovation of healthcare blockchain development and driving the overall level of healthcare informatization in Malaysia and around the world. Combining current mainstream blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart wearable devices and other technologies, WNC provides healthcare intelligence services to medical institutions, health management organizations, enterprises and other service organizations around the world.


In the wave of globalization in the blockchain, "Blockchain + Health" has become the focus of much attention, WNC and is gradually help shape the transition from traditional medical productivity levels, enhance the efficiency of medical services for the future of healthcare depicts with a wonderful blueprint.





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