WNC and Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd signed a strategic co

On December 18, 2018, Wellness Chain ("WNC") and Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation intention, WNC CEO Dennis Na and WNC China Marketing Director Yang Rui attended the signing meeting and formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Chairman of the Board of Directors of Furen Medicines Group Group Co., Ltd. Zhu Jitao. The both sides agreed to reach a deep cooperation in the promoting of the Chinese medicine pulse diagnostically machine.


The both sides reached a strategic consensus of "partnership as a goal, finding potential opportunities, achieving mutual benefit and win-win situation", giving full play to their mutual advantages, complementing each other's strengths, enhancing competitiveness, and jointly exploring the market, deepening the friendly cooperative relationship in the field of medicine and health. It has taken a big step forward, and at the same time, it has launched a new direction in the innovation direction of intelligent medical and pharmaceutical supply chain systems, and opened up a new path for the development of intelligent platform-driven innovation to jointly promote the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical system.



According to the strategic cooperation agreement, during the cooperation period, WNC provided 10,000 sets of Chinese medicine pulse diagnostically system terminal to promote health (referred to as “terminal”) for Furen Medicines Group Co., LtdFuren Medicines Group Co., Ltd is responsible for laying the terminal in the pharmaceutical business premises directly controlled or indirectly controlled by himself, and achieves the effect confirmed by both parties while ensuring that each terminal has no less than 300 detections per month or a specific amount of APP downloads. Both parties stated that the cooperation will continue to expand the space for cross-border win-win based on their respective industry accumulation and superior resources, and jointly promote the continuous development of strategic cooperation.


Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. It is a comprehensive group company which is led by pharmaceutical and wine industry and integrates R&D, production, operation, investment and management. Products cover Chinese and Western medicine preparations, biochemical pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, raw materials, health foods and other categories. At present, Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd supports an innovative research and development area of 113,000 square meters, and has a research and innovation team of nearly 1,500 people.


Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd strategically lays Zhengzhou technology research and development and international cooperation and industrialization service platform, Beijing innovation research and development platform, Shanghai pharmaceutical R&D innovation international cooperation platform, four major R&D innovation platforms of New Jersey and Philadelphia R&D platform, and big data of Chinese medicine and artificial intelligence Chinese medicine research and development platform. Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd will simultaneously develop small and medium-sized chemical drugs, macromolecular biopharmaceuticals and traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation, and open up a new development path of R&D-driven innovation. In terms of production and construction, Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd is based on scientific research and innovation, and regards quality construction as the foundation of the company. It has passed the national GMP certification and introduced advanced foreign preparations and testing equipment, so that its production process and testing methods have been achieved to first-class domestic level.


With China's accelerated aging population, chronic disease growth, coupled with the long-term imbalance between supply and demand of domestic medical resources and uneven geographical distribution, the demand for medical artificial intelligence is growing. In this context, smart medical care gradually enters the traditional medicine and used in many vertical fields such as intelligent guidance, disease risk management, voice electronic medical records, image-assisted diagnosis, medical robots, drug discovery and clinical trials.


However, if you want to unleash smart medical care to the extreme and benefit everyone, medical data sharing is still a serious challenge. As the leader of the international blockchain medical project, WNC integrates the latest computing technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Hyperledger Sawtooth and blockchain into medical treatment, and comprehensively improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment in three stages: pre-diagnosis, diagnosis and post-diagnosis. Using the technical characteristics of the blockchain "distributed, decentralized, non-tamperable, occult, traceable" to connect information silos to create a healthy ecosystem, using intelligent control contracts helps hospitals and businesses to truly achieve data sharing.


At present, WNC originated the “Chinese medicine pulse mining system machine (Pulse Diagnostically)”, through the four-wheel drive of “free testing, public welfare, sharing wealth, mining and income generation”, implementing the concept of “treating the disease” of traditional Chinese medicine, creating a data kingdom for the later stage of the platform. Machine learning provides massive amounts of data, which in turn increases the efficiency of platform smart healthcare services. Recently, WNC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Furen Medicines Group Co., Ltd, which is a historic step for WNC to complete the “data castle”!



In the future, WNC platform will also get through the diagnosis of diseases, evaluation of efficacy, and post-reduction, and establish a system for all-digital life cycle health management for each user. From birth to death, from carbon-based life to digital technology, realizing the digital life of human beings and living on the blockchain. WNC also creates its own WNC Medical Hyperledger Sawtooth, which includes multi-dimensional data including concurrent data, omics data, past medical history data, and family history data. In the later period, WNC will provide users with a set of scientific, rational and humanized solutions for disease prevention, personalized diagnosis and treatment, nutrition and healthcare, and health management through the integration of multi-dimensional data.


As a designated project unit in Malaysia, WNC will not only stop at the domestic market. WNC has been expanding overseas markets and has received full support from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Indonesia. At the same time, the WNC team is currently negotiating with 145 hospitals in Malaysia to connect the scenes, including the hospitals accredited by the American Federation of Medical Institutions (JCI), to jointly develop innovative medical development.



As we all know, high-quality physician quality, efficient medical efficiency, personalized medical services, and comfortable medical environment are all highlights of Malaysian medical treatment, even if compared with Europe and the United States. In terms of medical devices, Malaysia not only has world-class medical equipment, but also introduces advanced technology and has gained worldwide attention and recognition. In order to enable platform users to enjoy more efficient and affordable overseas quality medical services, WNC connects overseas high-quality resources and creates a “medical + tourism” dual-drive model to provide users with more effective, better curative and mild pain treatment program.




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